About us

this is Little Dog Discs….


the aim is to collect, verify, preserve and stream dance music mixes

the whole thing, chronologically, complete 

From house to rave, acid to jungle, old skool to new cool

all the venue’s, all the raves, the clubs, the parties, the festivals

all the mixes, all the music, all the DJ’s, all the noise in one place, chronologically, alphabetically, and one day verified by the people who played it and the people who were there

complete and free to stream

it’s not easy but it IS possible

we’ve made a good start - 64,000 mixes and counting

1400 DJ’s, clubs, venues and parties

Go to COLLECTIONS to see the DJ’s whose available archive we’ve completed so far.

Use the SEARCH function to look for the music, DJs, & clubs that you remember or want to remember

The search function is super sophisticated - you can search for really specific nights and dates, or go for a broad range to get the most results.

Eventually you’ll be able to click on a single mix, click through to the item page and you’ll see the music player streaming the track, plus a track listing, flyers, artwork and anything relevant to the mix - visual or words…

LDD is so much more than the sites you’re using just now - sites that are huge but messy. They don’t curate the uploaded mixes… We do. And because w curate the mixes we can keep the integrity of the collection. Plus… we can give a platform to up and coming DJs from some amazing clubs happening now. 

Nobody shares complete collections like this. You can start to hear how DJs were influenced, listen to their style change as technology evolves, tastes in music alter. You can go back to the roots of the music and chart a path by following one DJ or one venue… listen to classic mixes, crazy nights, legendary clubs.

And if you’re a DJ or if you have mixes - you can help us by feeding into a complete chronological collection. Everything that’s available - all in one place. No rip offs, no duds, no mix ups - eventually…

So help us…

Put a link on your facebook page to go visit our website and join our facebook group and share it with friends

 Go to our PATREON site and join us and pay 1/2/3 dollars to support us 

Come to our site and support us with our costs such as domain renewals, hosting, bandwidth, hardware upgrades

But most of all CONTRIBUTE - help with track listings, flyers, photo's, missing mixes, dates, spelling, names…

IT’S FREE - always free, free to stream, free to enjoy


For the love of the music




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