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I will editing and updating this page over the next few weeks, it will explain how the site works and where i intend to go with it


Some of the formats that i use for listing

John Osborn Live @ 2 Years Substance Panorama Bar Berghain Berlin 09.07.2010 On Ssgs Special (12.08.2010)

 The first date 09.07.2010 is the performance date, the second date (12.08.2010) is the date the radio show aired 


Missing - Toni Rios Live @ Time Warp Mannheim (07.04.2001)

Mixes that I know about but dont have a decent copy off are marked missing in red


FAKE - Michael Mayer Live @ Freeze Presents Mantasy Tour Williamson Tunnels Liverpool (24.11.2012)

Mixes that are wrongly or falsely credited to an artist are marked FAKE in red


No Show (21.10.2006)

For radio shows that didnt air on certain weeks, helps me remember when im editing radio collections




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