About us

We have copies of all the mixes listed on the site, unless labeled missing

Mixes highlighted in purple have been added to the server and are free to stream.

The aim is to curate collections for each artist/venue
Listing everything we can find and tagging it respectively.
It includes the mislabels, fakes, rebroadcats and duplicates and there are better copies of some of the mixes out there....somewhere.

At some point....
We will add a feature that will hide/unhide all duplicates, fakes, rebroadcasts etc
We will add tracklistings, artwork, info etc for each mix
We will add a bio for each artist with links

We are looking at the option of adding video

Artists/venues on the "Collections" page we have cross referenced and will add their mixes to the server

The database currently has over 64000 mixes
You can search the database using the search bar.
The download tab and the player icon on search results are left over from previous incarnations of the site, we will be removing these shortly

All mixes have been transcoded down to 96kbps
This site is streaming only, there are no downloads and we will not be making any mixes available to download.
There a numerous reasons for this and we make no exceptions.

We still have over 5TB of mixes yet to process and add to the database and are being sent more mixes every day

We are looking for help to curate the collections
Information on any of the mixes, mixes we are missing, anything at all that will improve the collection and make it a better resource for everyone

We have development and hosting costs, they are the two things that hold us back the most.
Any help with either is always appreciated and will be put back into the site
The ads on the site are a nuisance and dont really work but we are stuck with them for now
We are looking at alternatives and have set up Patreon & Kofi

We have a facebook page which we primarily use to promote the site on facebook
We have a facebook group where we post site updates and mixes as we add them to the server

Any questions or information on any of the mixes you can contact us at littledogdiscs@gmail.com
No requests for downloads please you will just be sent a link to this page to re-read

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